Can we get some basic, windows specific error logging functions for windows pcs/servers?


the Teamspeak Server is running for our clan on a intel xeon windows 2012 server. It is configured as a service to start up when the server is restarted for updates and so on. However, whenever there are problems with the server its a bit hard to find the reason for the errors. You have some log files in your folder, and they help a bit, but i think some improvements would be great:

  1. Add Errors to the windows error logs. For example: whenever a new major version is out the license is no longer working. This happens once a year and can be hard to remember, especially if not always the same person is troubleshooting the server. Why not write a simple error into the event log like “The license is expired. Download and install the new teamspeak version from our homepage”.

  2. This is even more important in the current situation. You just give out an error when clicking on the Teamspeak.exe file. Since 3.12 we get the error: “The CPU does not support popcnt”: Imgur: The magic of the Internet. The error does not show up in your log files. It also does not show up in the windows error logs and the application seems to run, but is not doing anything. So this error was pretty hard to find for us.

tl;dr: Please add the errors of your application to the windows event logs.

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your hardware is very old, use the 32 bit version !
for 32 bit version dont need popcnt :slight_smile: