"Cannot send messages at this time" in channel chat

When I downloaded the new teamspeak, I entered my server and realized that I could not write to the chat channel. I got the error cannot send messages at this time when I try to write.

This message may come up if you do not have permission on a TeamSpeak server to send messages.

The b_client_channel_textmessage_send permission is required for this.

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But this only happens in teamspeak beta. I also did what you said and it didn’t happen again.

I never heard about this error message can you screen that please.

As you got told you did not have the permission to send a channel chat message.
The old client did only get an error after sending a message.


or when you entered something



How will I solve it?

The solution you gave did not work for me.

As Cornelius said you do not have the permission set.
You must add the permission to your group or client or channel or wherever you like to have it.


Although I gave permissions, it did not work.I also have admin server query.

If your client has this group you messed up the server. Please reset your server database.

If you set permissions via ServerQuery then please show at least a permissions overview of your client. Form our point of view your client does not have b_client_channel_textmessage_send set.

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It didn’t work even though I did everything you suggested.

Turning in circles when you only reply it does not work.
So please show a permissions overview (this feature only exists in TS3 at the moment)