Cannot upload Icons on my Teamspeak Server and then server hangs


I am trying to host an Server for me and my friends on my Raspberry Pi 3B+. I am using box86 for the emulation. Now everything works pretty much fine, I made different channels, setup some permissions, but when I try to upload a File or an Icon to the Server, it just kinda stops working. I can’t change change channels or anything after that, like if the Server got locked up. The Logs don’t give me any information about this. In the Server Chat I did see the following: “Transfer “icon_3526002660” reports: (could not open file transfer connection)”. I do not understand this, though, since I opened the ports 9987 and 30033 respectfuly on my router and i used sudo ufw allow for both on the PI.

Btw. this was the only thing that came up every time I wanted to upload an Icon, but like I said, every time after that everything stops working.

|VirtualServerBase|1  |file upload to (id:0), '/icon_4130244396' by client 'username'(id:3)

Any help would be appreciated!

It could be because server runs on emulator :person_shrugging:

We understand that is nice to have server running on devices with ARM CPUs, but at the moment we don’t give any support for these.

This may change with next generation of server but for now this is unsupported.


Yeah, I thought about that, it’s just that everything else works perfectly fine.

Just wanted to know more, either way thank you for the quick response!

Have a nice day