Cant activate new feature although I have tester badge

I successfully redeem the beta code and installed the new client.
Although I have the testes badge I can’t join a room and add contacts.
Heres the chat log

[2022-01-18 23:43:53.650] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-01-18 23:43:53.651] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-01-18 23:44:22.582] [error] Failed to create central matrix account
[2022-01-19 01:03:31.706] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-01-21 21:17:35.965] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-01-21 21:17:35.965] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-01-21 21:17:38.196] [error] Failed to create central matrix account
[2022-01-22 03:42:49.627] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-01-22 23:42:01.031] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-01-22 23:42:01.031] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-01-22 23:42:03.735] [error] Failed to create central matrix account
[2022-01-23 02:31:49.806] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-01-30 17:48:42.128] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-01-30 17:48:42.128] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-01-30 17:48:44.420] [error] Failed to create central matrix account
[2022-01-30 18:11:31.618] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-01-30 21:42:19.618] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-01-30 21:42:19.618] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-01-30 21:42:21.755] [error] Failed to create central matrix account
[2022-01-31 01:30:36.191] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-02-01 19:33:47.331] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-02-01 19:33:47.331] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-02-01 19:33:49.592] [error] Failed to create central matrix account
[2022-02-02 01:27:37.725] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-02-03 21:44:00.804] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-02-03 21:44:00.804] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-02-03 21:45:59.139] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-02-04 19:39:04.879] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-02-04 19:39:04.879] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-02-05 01:48:49.989] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-02-05 15:39:42.730] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-02-05 15:39:42.730] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-02-06 01:18:29.507] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-02-06 15:53:48.843] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-02-06 15:53:48.843] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-02-06 21:22:30.114] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-02-06 21:22:38.945] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-02-06 21:22:38.945] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-02-06 21:33:23.096] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-02-06 21:34:13.701] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-02-06 21:34:13.701] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-02-06 21:35:20.888] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat dtor
[2022-02-06 21:36:57.032] [info] TSBindingBrowserTSChat ctor
[2022-02-06 21:36:57.032] [info] TSChat library version: 1
[2022-02-06 21:41:34.030] [error] Failed to create central matrix account

Please Help.
Thank you.

This log does not log complete. Like on top something was cut?

Can you send me your email that you sued for myTS in a private message?
I will ask IT tomorrow if they can see something.

  • Reminder: Make sure you are using beta 68. Older versions can not connect.

We can’t identity why the creation does not work for you.
You are not blocked anywhere and your myTS data is valid.

Again make sure you are using beta68.

Can you please try following:

  • Open %LOCALAPPDATA%\TeamSpeak\Cache\Default and then delete the folder tschat
  • Start the client and see what happens

In case above doesn’t work. Stop your client and delete the whole Cache folder.

If above also doesn’t help.

  • logout in Client’s account page
  • Delete mentioned cache folder
  • Start the client

Thank you for your answer, unfortunately, It doesn’t work.
I dont even have a tschat folder!

And yes I have the latest version.

Thank you for your help.
Bruno Veiga

and yes, I tried your instrutions.
I’ve deleted the whole thing.

I’ve even uninstalled the whole app and installed it again.

Can you please enter dev into the search bar on top left in client and open the Developer Tools and change the log level to debug?

  • Stop the client.
  • Delete all the logs you have in the logs folder.
  • Restart the client and just let it run some [~5] minutes without doing anything.
  • Close the client.
  • Take all the log files and put them into a zip or rar or tar

Send me the logs


Thank you for your time and sorry for the late answer, I have been traveling.
I did what you asked.

Since I cant upload files in here I’ve just used my google drive.

Thank you again.
Best regards.

Bruno Veiga

Did you delete everything?
There is not even a try to connect to any messenger at all. But there was in your old logs.

So if you see Setup chat at the bottom you need to setup a chat first.


I could reproduce your issue but only with messing around in my client with a future feature.

And i could get out of this state by doing following:

  • Enter dev in search bar
  • Select Developer Tools
  • At the bottom press Clear Homebase
  • Press Setup Chat or Start Chatting
  • In the right dialog Find Server
  • Then choose Use myTeamSpeak
  • Restart the client

** Hope for the best.



Thank you for your effort it has been very nice of you.
This solution didn’t seem to do anything.
I always get this message.


Best regards.
Bruno Veiga

You can only set a homebase on TS5 servers. They are currently not released and not avaliable for public. The client shows them as compatible which is not the case.

As TS3 servers does not support this feature you can not set a homebase there. In the setup chat window you need to click Find Server and choose Use myTeamSpeak then restart the client.

To get this dialog you are far beyond my steps i gave.

Please clear your logs and try this again.
Then share you cef and ts chat log.