Can't Connect to Accounting Servers

Hey all,

Finally stood up a new VM for my server with a RHEL9.2 image.

TeamSpeak server works fine except it can’t reach out to the accounting server to validate my non-profit license.

I’m pretty sure my firewall is configured correctly:

Alas, I have the dreaded accounting error forcing termination:

I am able to resolve just fine:

I can’t say the same about though because it’s behind Cloudflare:

Not sure if it matters but I’ve also setup the A and AAAA records to point to the respective IPs on the domain associated to the license.

I have a couple questions regarding this:

  • Does ts3server play nice with a NIC having an IPv4 and an IPv6 on the same interface?
  • Does the IPv6 to IPv4 priority matter? Should I try disabling default route on the v6 address?
  • Has anyone had success hosting on any EL9 distro?

Thank you!

I believe the issue was with my systemd.service file.
I had forgotten the “” and it looks as though the server was coming up prematurely. Does the accounting service not retry after failure?

Description=TeamSpeak3 Server



Sorry, was looking down the wrong rabbit hole.
Not sure if this thread will be helpful to anyone else using systemd to manage the ts3server.