Can't connect to my TS Server (created on Azure)

Hi guys,
i create a VM on Azure with Ubuntu 20.04 to try and a create a teamspeak server (i’m learning unix at schoo and wanted to play around). Everything goes fine i believe but i can’t ever connect to my teamspeak server

You need to create an endpoint for the ports. At least for 9987 UDP or else you won’t be able to connect with a TS client.

Also network must be public for the container.


Assuming you can SSH into the VM, you could also create an SSH tunnel for port 9987 for testing. This is not a solution for a production system but can be a quick alternative to see if it’s working at all.
To do so, simply start the SSH client with the -L option, like so:

ssh username@host -L 9987:

It’s working now! Thanks

Yup that was it. cheers