Can't Connect to Servers

I can’t Connect to Servers it does not show any errors it just keeps trying to connect

Perhaps your firewall / AV is blocking the connection? Have you tried connecting via TS3 client?

Thing ist Yesterday everything was working i use a nokia 2.2 and the only Thing i changed was the Network im using. But even If i Change Back to the Network i used earlier IT doesnt Work but IT then Displays a tsdns Error.

Hey, maybe change your firewall settings


Go to your firewall settings search in the bottom left bar for Firewall and allowed Apps

Press here to enable the settings

Go to your Teamspeak3 install path

Search for teamspeak 3 and Check the boxes

Try to connect.

Okay Ehm i use a Cellphone i Just checked my Security settings i don’t find anything that would prevent TeamSpeak from connecting.

And by the way i reinstalled the App and i tried rebooting the device

I thought you are in windows :sweat_smile:

If you are on a mobile connection with your phone, it’s possible that your network provider blocks TeamSpeak.

Some mobile network providers used to block voice over IP applications so they could charge people for doing more phone calls.

I don’t know whether this is still “common practice” though.

AS i Said Yesterday i Had No Problems usinng it

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OK random Host was right i can’t use TeamSpeak via telekom_fon

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Glad I could help to at least clear things up.

If you absolutely need it, you could attempt to bypass the block using a VPN provider, but that could possibly violate your provider’s terms of service.

And VPN providers are a whole topic on their own. Not all of them are trustworthy.


May you post your error or log? Without logs, we can only guess whats wrong.


I have the same problem and I can’t find the solution yet.