Can't Create Channels in Official Server

When I tried to create a channels in server it automatically deletes my channels. How can I fix this. I can’t create a single channel. But my friends can. Thank You !

What do you mean they are automatically deleted?

Once there is no one in the channel, it is normal, because you only have the possibility to create a temporary channel.

Please describe your exact procedure.

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Maybe your Channel Name against the Server Rules and will get automatically deleted.

The Rules are: We do not tolerate passwords or hints thereof in Channel Name, Topic.

Channel names should be meaningful and not consist of repeated characters / spam. These kind of channels will get deleted without warning. If recreated any client in the channel may get banned! General rule, if you can't use it as a nick name, don't use it as a channel name.

We reserve the right to delete offensive channels, or channels without meaningful names (e.g. 1111111) without notice.

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When I created a channel called "Syclops Studios" I get this,

<19:03:25> Channel “Syclops Studios” was deleted by “Official TeamSpeak Public Test Server”

This is how log is looks like. Everything happens just in a second.

In your screenshot, you can see that you left your channel and went back to the “Default Channel”. As already mentioned above:

But since it happens at the same moment you create the channel, it could be that you have installed a plugin, that makes you leave the channel. Try to start your client with the parameter -safemode and try it out.

I tried it myself with the same channel names and can’t find any problems.

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Screenshot (16)

It worked :heart_eyes: Thank You so much !
I just disabled no move plugin and then it worked as before. Thank you again.

sorry for my bad english.

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Glad to hear it worked out.

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask in the forums.

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