Cant increase volume of other users in TS5.0.0-beta38

After right clicking on other users in servers, nothing happens (used to show volume increase etc).
It appears the volume increases automatically (after joining server its really quiet, after 2 seconds it comes back to regular level).
If i remember correctly, it happened after last update.
Does anyone have any info on how to fix it?.

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It’s weird because that work for me and my friend, we still have the slider and mute/reset button

No idea what happened then, i still see the options when right clicking on me, but nothing happens when clicking on others.

Not yet, was hoping ill get some answers first.

but it could be possible that it turns back because the other person is laud ( in the voice settings )

Ne need. This sounds like automatic gain control.
The audio settings sometimes reset.
Go to settings audio playback and turn off agc.

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Mine is active and can still reduce or increase the volume of each client

Yeah that is true.
I only quickly read the topic and thus missed the missing context menu.
So I guess it’s 2 separate problems.
Maybe Ctrl + Shift + R might help. If not :man_shrugging: yeah, reinstall.

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Ah, didnt think of that. Ill try it out, thanks.

Well it appears it happened because i got logged out.
After logging in, everything went back to normal.

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