Cant Join Homebase

Hi i’ve been trying to join the chat system but i can’t join the default homebase. Or do it something wrong? i use the newest version 5.0.0-beta74

Also make sure you have the beta badge code: MULTIPASS


I don’t know if it’s because I don’t have the beta badge/closed beta access or if it’s a bug with the client. I also can’t create any homebase using myteamspeak though i’m also not sure if that’s due to me not having the badge/closed beta access.

You need the beta badge to create a Chat Account. You can redeem it with the code MULTIPASS

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Thanks a bunch

Ive heard i need beta 70 to be able to host my own homebase, but i cant find a download! can anyone help?

The account problem is fixed with a recent Beta update. To host your own Homebase you need to set up a TeamSpeak 5 server. But you can set up the chat on myTeamSpeak.

im trying to set up my own chat but i keep getting an error saying “unable to set homebase” ive heard the fix was to download beta70 but if that isnt the case anymore then how can i fix this issue ?

Do you have the Beta badge? You can use code MULTIPASS to get it. Beta 73 has already fixed the problem you are referring to.

thank you so much! that fixed the issue