Can't login to client after Windows installation (Canceled: SSLServerVerification)

I have a fresh installed Windows 11 pc and can’t currently login to the client.
I installed it from the teamspeak website, which should be the newest version. The log says sslserververification:
[2024-04-13 13:21:15.383] [info] Notifications_Windows ctor
[2024-04-13 13:21:15.421] [info] TeamSpeak Client 5.0.0-beta77 (2023-12-12 11:58:52)
[2024-04-13 13:21:15.421] [info] SystemInformation: Windows 11 (22000) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 64bit
[2024-04-13 13:21:15.440] [error] unknown error: Element nicht gefunden. -
[2024-04-13 13:21:15.440] [error] Windows Audio Session error: unknown error
[2024-04-13 13:21:15.476] [info] failed to load static integration list
[2024-04-13 13:21:45.403] [info] starting download for
[2024-04-13 13:21:49.581] [warning] Error contacting URL Canceled: SSLServerVerification
[2024-04-13 13:21:50.416] [warning] Error contacting URL Canceled: SSLServerVerification

Has someone a solution to this problem?

Login and logout just work fine in my client and on the website.

You may update your Windows and drivers and then try again.
Build 22000 is from Oct 2021 and you definitely miss a lots of updates for your OS.


Thank you, now it works. Didn’t notice I had such an old build installed.

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