Can't see other users

Hello, I can only see the users of the channel in which I am. I can’t see users who are in other channels even though they are there, and once I move into those users’ channel I can see them. I already try to uninstall and reinstall but nothing has changed. I have the 3.5.6 version.

How can I fix that please ?

Thank you in advance !

Maybe you do not have enough subscription power to see the members of the channel? or you just unsubscribed from it. Make sure to which channel you want to look in is subscribed.

The problem is not there, because I checked with other members and I am the only one who this problem happens to. Maybe it’s a permissions problem, but I have the same moderator grade as my colleagues and they don’t have this problem

Do you have the problem on several TeamSpeak servers or only on one server?

If I go to the public Team Speak I have the same problem

Please send us a Screenshot of it.

On TeamSpeak Public ( it’s normal that you cannot see users in anywhere. You could try it on the Official TeamSpeak Public Community Server (

We compared my “presentation” settings with someone who doesn’t have the problem and I checked the same things as him but it didn’t change anything
And yes I just went on the TeamSpeak Public Community Server, I send you the screenshot

You joined There is no subscribe power on it. Join the community Server and send us there the evidence. The problem you have is that you need to click on the eye to subscribe to all channels.


That’s what I did and I have this error message

The error says that you do not have enough subscription power. Tell the admin that he should set the permissions up correctly

However the day before yesterday when I used all I saw all the members of all the channels correctly

Okay I wiil try thank you for your help and sorry if it took me a long time to understand, I am French so I do not master 100% English

i_client_max_channel_subscriptions - TeamSpeak thats the article you need

Thank you so much

Okay I understand thanks to this artical, I will tell the admin

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