Can't see Text Channels Details and Can't View the Rooms

I cannot see the details of the text channels in beta. Normally a tab was opened on the right where I was seeing the details. Also, when I join a room, I cannot view it when I click.

Client version and operation system?
Is it back when you clear your settings.db ?


Last version 5.0.0 beta, Windows 10. I cleaned it but it didn’t back

When you cleaned you mean you renamed or deleted the file and started the client from scratch with login etc ?


By the way, there is no file with the name you mentioned (settings.db)

Now I opened the TS and I can see the channel details but I cannot view the rooms you see in the screenshot. I can join the room but I cannot see the messages.

There is one or else you would have to do the client login each time you start it.
Check this folder.


You open the room search. This is only for searching rooms and not for showing their chats.
Press the blue back buton next to “Find Rooms” on top.