Can't set hotkey in Hotkey Setup dialog

I have an issue with keybinding as well. Allthough slightly different: I can assign the key but when hitting the “Ok” button to save it wont let me.
Any advice on this? I have tried the removing and adding of TS 3 to the Input Monitoring about a dozen times now and this doesnt solve the issue.

@Peekster Please read this:

Ive tried that many times and it still wont let me save it.

What OK button are you talking about?

Normally hotkey is set when you release pressed keys and dialog closed. Ok button is after key was set or not.

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I can assign the key. But when I want to save it with the “OK” button I cant click it so it isnt saved. I can only click cancel on the dialog.

Expand the entry and choose the hotkey profile. Should be Default if you never created or renamed it.

P.s. Hotkey for PTT can be set in Capture settings as well :slight_smile:

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That did the trick! Thanks!