Can't switch to beta

Hi there. My friend is having a problem with updating to beta version 3.5.0 from 3.3.2. When he tries to switch to beta version, it show ani error and he has to completely uninstall and install back teamspeak. Any solution to this? Because, he wants to connect to our free beta server, but he is not in ts5 beta.

Could your friend or you send the crashlog, please?

Where do we find that?

Is he using Windows or Mac?

In Windows, please press Win + R. Then type in ‘%appdata%’. There you must search for ‘TS3Client’. There shoud be a folder names ‘crashdumps’ in that there should be a .zip file, i think. In there, there should be a .txt file. Please copy this and send it here.

(I sadly don’t know if the crash is also in the .log file. If yes in the TS3Client folder there is also an folder named “logs”. In the latest file there could also be the crash. Another person should help you from this point on)

The log file usually does not contain any useful crash data. Also the crashdump is only really useful for the staff as the got the debug database the find the error.
However I guess this problem occurs due to some incompatible plugins.
I’m not too sure about the changes between plugin api version 23 and 24 and client 3.5 should be able to handle plugin api 23 but maybe try to remove all plugins temporarily.

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The log itself shows which version did crash and if plugins are involved.
So the log is also a good indicator too.

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