Can't update TeamSpeak 5 Client


I can’t update the TeamSpeak 5 Client. When i go to the Settings then About and when the update is downloaded i click on the ‘Restart Client’ button then I start the client and the version is still old. The only way to update the client is delete the whole TeamSpeak 5 and setup again.

Anybody know this problem?

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Thanks! I started the client as administrator then it’s worked!

Recorded a video about the update problem, was going to start a new theme.

And I came across that decision. Yes, running as an administrator solves the problem. Thank! :+1:

Where did you install the client, and what are the permissions on that folder?

I didn’t encounter that one yet, and my installation path is “C:\Program Files”. I have it running as administrator each time I launch TeamSpeak.

Had this problem back in alpha too, a complete clean reinstall of TeamSpeak fixed it.

Just run TeamSpeak 5 as Administrator then will be fix it.