Can't update teamspeak 5

I can’t update teamspeak 5 to version 40. Already have downloaded the client from but there isn’t the latest client available!

2021 02 08 22 06 - YouTube

Hello, delete our %appdata%/TeamSpeak folder and normally it should work.


Next time you have this do following.

Do not press the Restart button. Instead press the X as you would close the client.
Then check your Task Manager if the there is a TeamSpeak client running.
Stop it if that is the case.
Start the client when no TeamSpeak client is running in your Task Manager.


Hey @TS.ChrisR ,
i’ve just created two new Windows VM’s.

One with the windows user called “Tääst User Näme” and the second one “testusername”.
Updating TS5 just worked as expected on “testusername”.
But on the other one (“Tääst User Näme”) user i’ve expirienced the same issue as descripted on this thread.

Approved. :+1: