Can't upload a certain File on my Teamspeak Server


I have the problem, that I can’t upload a certain file on my Teamspeak Server.
I’ve tested to upload Files with more MB’s and Files of the same Type, everything works but just the one File failed. I’ve tried uploading on different channels too.

It is not an important file but I just asking me what could be the reason for the “File Transfer failed”-Error

If important, I can upload a screenshot of my permissions.

What’s the exactly error? Do you see any error codes/notes in the server log somehow? We need more details, there can be many reasons why an file upload was failed.

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The server does not care about the filetype or name etc. but the operation system (and antivirus) where the file should be written on does.

Try to rename your file to a simple name (no ? _ : etc. )


Thank you very much for your help, it was the file name which includes the letter „ü“.