Cant use my audio interface as the Input AND the Output

Hi Guys,
I’ve searched far and wide and did not find a solution to my problem:

I bought a nice mic and a audio interface (rode ai-1) and wanted to use it in Teamspeak.
When i select the interface as eather the input OR the output it works fine. But bc i want to hear my voice when i talk and the interface has this direct monitoring feature, i want to use it to connect to my headphones aswell.

When i select the interface as the in AND output it mutes my headphones and only letts something through, when i speak.(Then the output Mute icon changes to the on that indicates, that you are talking)

I use Win 10 and both windows and ts are up to date. ive also tryed to update firmware on the interface, but that didnt do anything.
Discord gets it right without me having to configure anything, somehow.
But because my friends all use ts and despise discord, dc is not an option…

Let me know if you need any more infos…

What are the name of the devices you are using as the input/output? It could be a software issue, referring to the issue that the audio interface uses. I have a ProSonus that uses a software called Universal Control. We could look more into that.

Additionally, I use software VoiceMeeter Banana as a mixer. This gives you more control over your inputs and outputs to identify the problem.

So first I would look into the software your Rode uses, then I would consider downloading and using Voicemeeter Banana. DOWNLOAD HERE

Lots of YouTube tutorials and help. Free to use software.