Can't use PTT hotkey while Game is running in foreground

having recently returned to EvE Online my old corp used DISCORD, Discord does not have the options to do certain things. The power of TEAMSPEAK does.

The issue I have is simple. PTT Works when my game is reduced to the taskbar. As soon as I open a game window, PTT fails until I reduce the window back to the taskbar.

I have used keyboard and mouse buttons to activate PTT. and neither of these pose an issue when it’s TS3 only. I have also removed ingame permissions on both Mouse and Keyboard functions that use PTT.

It is driving me nuts, Please ADVISE.

In most cases the App in your case Eve Online runs in admin mode and this blocks keystrokes to be used by other applications that are not running in admin mode.

We suggest to run the Eve Launcher without elevated permissions.
Optional run the client in admin mode.

We strongly suggest to not run any Application in admin mode as long it not required!!


Thank You Lord of the TS3 Domain, Thanks Chris, it worked.

Below simplified for me :rofl:

EvE online Admin Priv BAD
TS3 Admin Priv Good

Cheers Barbz