Chanel groups and permisions

I realize that I’m probably asking very dum question, but i cant find answer. If not obvious, I’m noob in seting up server. If I’ve missed some basick document don’t hasitate to point that out.

From what I’ve red so far, chanel groups have the same power(25) and every member of any chanel group can eneter in any chanel that have level of entry 25. Is that right?

My main question is there a mechanism that will allow a member of one chanel group to enter one chanel but prevent members of other chanel groups to enter the same chanel?

Set lower join power on these other channel groups.

But when Guest group has a lower join power already then you do not need to set it up for each group as long you do not move users into the channel and assign them another group.


If i do that for every group wouldnt I end up with the same as started? Or if I use different power for every group, one group will have permisions to very chanel and one will have only for one?

I have the fealing I’m missing very fundamental.

Yes if you set all to same level. But you asked how to limit the access for some channel groups.
There is no permission or setup to say one group can only join a special channel. Each group with enough join power will be able to join a room.

BUT user must get a channel group first in that room. All (excludes the creator of the channel) have channel group guest. So this is why i suggest to limit the channel group Guest join power.


So to limit acces the way I need is to set chanells password. Is that correct?

That’s another way to restrict access for users in general.
Not saying Yes or no because several ways work.