Change Avatar on the forum

For comfortable reasons, add that you can also change the avatar in the forum.

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yes, an independent profile picture, from the teamspeak client, would be beneficial.

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This not planned for this forum as it is.
But when the myTS website was overhauled, then it will be possible there.

The current way to change or remove the avatar is the way you set or changed it before.
This is in the TS5 Client Settings > Account page.


yeah, I was kinda baffled too when I visited and I could edit the forum profile banner, the forum user card banner and so on, but not the avatar. Even going to myTeamSpeak does not allow me to edit my avatar yet; so I suppose the only way to change forum profile picture is through the TS3 Client at this time?

edit: no, wait a minute now… my TS3 Client avatar is not the same avatar that I see here! :smile:

You can change it in TS5.
Settings → Account → Click on your profile picture

Note: the Do not disturb picture is the one that is used for the forum. And you probably need to logout and log back in to the forum for the picture to update.

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