Change behavior of the chat input box so it doesn't expand over messages

Hello everyone, I have a change I’d like to suggest.

I recorded this demo video of what I assumed was a bug. Though a few emails with [email protected] later and they tell me it is intentional.

I’d like to be the first to suggest a change of this feature of chat.

Here is the video demonstration of what I am talking about:

My Solution:
I feel when scrolled all the way to the bottom the messages will move up when the chat box expands a line. This is just my take on it.


I complained about that a lot over the past months too! I always have to cut my message and paste it back into a group chat where messages keep coming in but I can’t read them! :confused: Really sucks. :cry: Hope they change that in the future or at least give us an option, but seeing the answer in your email makes me think like it will stay like this :frowning:

I would really like to know the reasoning behind the intention. In my opinion it’s an unexpected contra-productive behaviour.


I totally agree with this and tbh havn’t spoken to anyone who thought this was a good idea.
So maybe if we just spead this enough they will fix it!

Really happy to see I’m not the only person driven mad by this, thanks everyone!

Well a nice solution for this would be great! since the groupchat´s textmessages gonna be most likly longer then a simple “he whats up” message to a single person … correct me if im wrong :roll_eyes: