Change server creation date

I have a piece of information to ask you, I recently lost the configuration files of my teamspeak server that I had for 5 years. I recreated it but now in the server description it comes out that it was created 1 month ago, can I somehow change the writing and put 5 years back?

waiting for answer, have a nice day :slight_smile:

That’s not possible.

Yes you can, but this is an unsupported and not recommended procedure by teamspeak as you are “manipulating” the data

You simply switch to the database of your Teamspeak server and change the Unix timestamp



thank you for your answer, however I don’t have a database in the sense that I have a teamspeak server on a linux VPS I gave it chatmod 777 and started it and did nothing else how could I then access the ts server database?

You would have to specify in the Teamspeak start arguments that it should use a different database.

I run my ts3 server using docker and the only thing I got from our system guy was this file:

    image: teamspeak
    restart: unless-stopped
    network_mode: "host" 
      - 9987:9987/udp
      - 10011:10011
      - 30033:30033
      - 10080:10080/tcp
      - /root/docker/container/teamspeak:/var/ts3server

      TS3SERVER_DB_PLUGIN: ts3db_mariadb
      TS3SERVER_DB_SQLCREATEPATH: create_mariadb
      TS3SERVER_DB_USER: ts3_server
      TS3SERVER_DB_NAME: ts3_server
      TS3SERVER_LICENSE: accept
      TS3SERVER_QUERY_PROTOCOLS: raw,ssh,http

TeamSpeak creates a sqlite database by default. It is stored in the folder where the ts3server binary is also located. It should be called something like ts3server.sqlitedb. The server may not run when editing this file. You need some sqlite client to edit this file though.
I have no idea why @qeinz wants you to suddenly use mariaDB.

@Gamer92000: He had been looking for an answer, I shared mine with him, quite simply. Since we work a lot with mariadb, we also switched to it at ts so that it fits into our workflow. simple

in my case its running fine.