Changing e-mail problem


Recently I wanted to change my TeamSpeak account e-mail address, but the problem is that no e-mails come to me to the new e-mail address provided. I also do not know where I can write about it for the support. Can anyone help me?

Mails could be blocked on mail provider.
It could help to add [email protected] as a mail contact.

Have you followed the Steps correctly?
Step 1: Request the e-mail change by entering the new one.
Step 2: Recieve and validate the change on your old e-mail address.
Step 3: Recieve the e-mail on the new address and click on the link
Step 4: Enter your account password
Step 5: Login with your new e-mail address


Yes, but this is where the problem arises that no message comes to the old e-mail with the change of the e-mail to the new one.

Please contact the TeamSpeak Support for this, i cant help you here sorry. :frowning:

Click here to create a Support Ticket

Make sure that you select “Account Query”

The process works fine (emails are send and the change can be finished).

I don’t see what the support can do here.
Sometimes email providers trash the e-mail. Check your spam folder and contact your provider.


@TS.ChrisR yes you are right. Staff cant do anything. Only the Mail Provider could maybe solve the Problem.

I have the same issue. I am trying to change my email but I didn’t receive any emails from Teamspeak. I sent a message to the support but they told me to write in the public forums for some reason.

I checked my mail server but nothing blocked from teamspeak domains, and also there was no trace regarding their domains too.

What can I do?

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First of all, sorry for replying 8 months after the last conversation. Is there any option for you to show me it in pictures? It’s really hard for me to do this :expressionless:

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