Changing email does not send me verification

I can’t change my email, I don’t get the verification mail to my old email address. I double checked if that email can receive and it does. Also tested it on another account and it worked. The email currently is only an alias, so I know my email can receive the verification mail.

Tldr; I don’t get the verification email on my old email address. Support told me to write here.

Which Email Provider do you have?

Proton and as I wrote, worked on all other mails from the same provider and account.


I’m sorry for the late reply. :frowning:

Create a contact in your mail web interface with the [email protected] email address. Once done, you can have the email resent, and it should arrive. Hope this help. :slight_smile:

You can try that too:

  • Check your Spam folder first.
  • Then please wait 10-20 minutes and check for new E-Mails. The depends from provider to provider and the daytime.

i guess you didnt read or didnt understood. Sorry but again, my provider is recieving teamspeak emails. i use this one email address for serveral other teamspeak accounts and successfully changed them. Only this account is bugged and doesnt send the initial mail to my original inbox. Feel free to send me an email and i show you that the inbox is working. Its something on TEAMSPEAKS side. I dunno but this is kinda troll, that the support send me to a forum, where no “teamspeak mod” is helping me. Are they even reading here? I want to finally get rid of the mail but cant since teamspeak doesnt care.



We sent you a validation email. Please follow the instructions from there.

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this is not related, feel free to send me emails to my email, the provider isnt the issue at all since its only an ALIAS leading to the same inbox. Its just not recieving the email, and even if its my provider which not really could since i get every other email from teamspeak, i still need to change it. Than verify me manually since i can reply and recieve to this email.


There is nothing wrong on our side. The system sends emails.

I looked into your tickets.
There you stated, that you no longer got access to the old email ([email protected]). The same you use in this account you writing here.

So for us the case is clear. When you have no access to the email, then you won’t be able to change the email.


i reactivated the account again, after speaking a lot with the support. you can send me an email and ill show u that its “active”. i dont get the verification email but i can easily send me an email to this address, so its not the issue of the mail but ur service. something is stuck or whatever. cant we do anyhow a manual verification since i can literally proof that its mine?

Nobody in our company will touch the email of a user.

  • We have no prove that the original owner of the account is writing with us.

  • Additional to this it would break the account if we would touch this Email.

So the only one who can do it is the user itself.

Our mail server sends emails and doesn’t care of the receiver. So there still is no point of our service not working.


As i said and repeating myself, I CAN PROOF, give me any email and ill send a PROOF there. Your system is bugged, maybe its sending emails but it might be that my whole account is bugged. Its not my Inbox, nor spam, nor anything else since it worked with another account flawless, this is just bugged. i dont get any verification email. Maybe the Tech Support need to check my account, maybe its bugged on the day where i once did try to change it and now its doomed. is the only way to delete my account? Then let me delete it and atleast give me back the badges…

Hi, we checked your account before I replied the first time and everything in the database on that account looked normal. I would’ve written in case something would be different or unusual.

I understand the frustration but…
The system is not bugged.
The email gets lost at some point and we could see that a mail was send.

As i wrote:
Nobody in our company will touch the email of a user followed by the 2 points (edited these in my reply to make more clear what points).

Deletion is possible but then our TS5 chat (based on Matrix) may not allow to login/create a chat account if you had TS Chat already.

If you like to request a deletion, then this is the way