Changing Language | Button Information (Tooltips) | Edit Channel Icon | Changing Chat Position

Hey, I have some questions to the new beta client (Version 5.0.0-beta53).

  1. Changing Language:
    How do I change my language?
    I searched this in the Settings, but didn’t find anything. (But there are different locale files)

  2. Button Information (Tooltips):
    The buttons in this sections don’t have tooltips:

  3. Edit Channel Icon:
    How can I modify a Channel Icon?
    I can’t find the button for that:

  4. Changing chat position:
    Please add a option to change the channel position. I would love to have the chat under the channel tree again.

I noticed these things in my first 15 minutes with the beta client.
If I missed something that could help me, please write to me.

With best regards


You can’t change it yet because it is still a beta and translations don’t make much sense. (You need to change them every time a new update comes)

You can’t select Icons because they did not add the Icon selection menu yet.

Btw it is called tooltips

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Thank you for your quick response.

Do you also know if I can change the chat position already?

not yet but maybe in the future

There is no obvious way to edit or add a channel icon or background when its been setup.

It will be implemented very soon, so please be patient. :slight_smile:

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Perfect, its a beta so i thought i would list an issue that i found. Loving it otherwise

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