Changing myteamspeak e-mail address - no confirmation

Hi, i don’t know where to ask for help, so I’m trying here.

I have an issue with my e-mail provider ( - it runs some kind of strict anti-spam filter, and it’s really annoying, because either i don’t get e-mails or i do get them with about half an hour latency (so good luck trying to verify anything by email, because those codes are vaild 3-5 mins). I tried to change myteamspeak account email address to another one, and here is the issue - i don’t get any e-mail about changing my email address. I have access to this email, but i don’t get any message when i try to change email address.

If anyone from support crew can help me i’d be really grateful - i can provide ownership off both adresses, but it seems it has to be done from some gmail or other mail account.

Create a contact in your mail web interface with the [email protected] email address. Once done, you can have the email resent, and it should arrive. Hope this will help you. :slight_smile:

Tried before, doesn’t work.

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