Changing the Teamspeak Tile Icon in Win10

Hi everyone, while this is a new account I have been using teamspeak since 2012. I just got a new computer and transferred my profile file to this computer and realized I didnt have an actual account. xD I am updating all of my icons so that they are all more homogeneous and I cant figure out how to change the Win10 Start menu Live tile icon for this application. I created a new .ico image using the “for dark backgrounds” white Teamspeak logo (no background) from here . But after I made this change the desktop icon changes but the one that is pinned in my start menu doesn’t. I have tried unpinning, restarting the comptuer and repinning it but nothing changes it. Any possible recommendations to be able to make this tweak?

Win10 Start Menu Live Tile

Many thanks, Shuckle.Luv