Channel Admin should be able to create subchannels

Hello, my dears,

I would like to enable my users, if they create their own channels, to administer them themselves later. specifically, the user password, channel name and subchannel should be able to change. Channel name and password are no problem. But I can’t get users to create a maximum of 2 subchannels in addition to the main channel. It should also NOT be possible to create subchannels in the subchannel. I hope I explained it well.

Thank you very much, dear ones

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to answer your problems.

  • You can not limit the number of channels a user can create when you give permissions to create a channel.

  • To limit the max depth for channels you can set permission i_channel_max_depth with a value of 2 or less or higher to the Channel Admin

The rest doesn’t read like you need further information?


Hello Chris,

That means I can limit the SubChannels and SubSubChannels, but not the number of channels that the user can create? That’s a shame, but then I have to create them myself and then assign the channel rights to users manually. I wanted to sort of automate it.

no, otherwise I don’t need any further information :). I’ll get in touch again if necessary. thank you and have a nice evening

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