Channel banner width bug?

When I set the channel banner, the image width always remains the same (too short to the right), despite using different image size. I’ve also tried changing aspect ratio and stretch via banner settings and while the image preview there changes, after saving the image always remains the same


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They have a fixed value now with 530px

ill hope this will be redone in the next update since i use teamspeak on my whole desk it looks kinda wierd .

Well both concepts are useful.
If you want to display a banner spread over multiple channels the earlier version would just work if the server tree has the correct width and look horrible in any other cases.
On the other hand those symmetrical banners look awful like that and require to span over to complete server tree.
I think they should add an option to select the behavior per channel. Whether you want it to be stretched or not.


Indeed I hope this will get reworked so we can adjust it to our needs, perhaps even add option for selecting rgb background instead of image, the way I need it, one solid color across the channel.

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