Channel Delete Power Bug

I believe I’ve found a bug with the channel delete, and channel needed delete permissions.

Let’s say a member of the server guest group, creates a channel called “Test”, they are now a member of the channel admin group.

Now let’s say, an admin or another user creates or moves another channel into that “Test” channel called “Test 2”, making it a sub-channel to “Test”. The newly moved sub-channel, has a needed delete power of 75. The channel admin is unable to delete the channel “Test 2”, as it’s needed delete power is 75. However, the parent channel “Test” is 0 and is able to delete “Test”, indirectly deleting both channels even though “Test 2” had a delete power of 75, it’s now deleted.

There is no check for sub channels when parent channel should be deleted.

Don’t place channels into a channel, when you don’t want to get it deleted.

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