Channel group assignment

What about allowing users to add channel group permissions to users that are not in their room?

I’ll make an example:
User x is in the welcome room, and user y wants to let him join his password-protected room.
There are two ways, giving him the password (that may change in future) or giving him the “join” permission (server related, not present by default).
The current bad thing is that the user needs to be in your channel in order to assign him the join permission, quite bad thing.

Server Web/Query allows you to do it.

Usage: setclientchannelgroup cgid={groupID} cid={channelID} cldbid={clientDBID}


  Sets the channel group of a client to the ID specified with cgid.

  setclientchannelgroup cgid=13 cid=15 cldbid=20
  error id=0 msg=ok

The TS3 client also allows this by pressing this button in the channel group permissiondialog.

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And what about something direct in the user menu? I mean, would be much more useful.
It’s a thing for semplicity, isn’t funny to create 20 meters documentations for a server.

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