Channel group with permission to create subchannels

Hi, maybe this is a very silly question but I don’t quite know how to do it and why my permission is deleted every time I check it, log out and log in.
The thing is that I am trying to make a channel group that has permissions to create temporary subchannels but when I check those options in the channel permissions and exit it is as if it does not stay saved.
Thank you.

What do you mean by checking them in the channel permissions?
The permissions of server groups are independent of channel permissions, so changing a permission on the server group will not change or overwrite the channel permission.

The permissions of the server group apply to the clients with this group.
The channel permissions are used by the clients that are in the channel.

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I mean that when I exit the channel permissions configurator and go back to look, I don’t see that the permission is granted.

I know they are different, all the time I refer to the permissions that I am putting to that channel group profile, I grant the permission to create subchannels but they can not create them and the permission grant is not saved because when I look at that channel group the option has been removed by itself.

What I am trying to do is that users of a channel with the channel permission that I am creating can create temporary subchannels among other permissions that I have already configured.

This is the permit I am trying to mark

Is there any error in server log?
It works fine for me. Did you also set the i_channel_max_depth to at least 1?

Is the problem only with the one channel group or possibly only with the b_channel_create_child permission?

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This happens, when OWN permissions do not have Grant set in target permission or i permission power is to low or not set at all.

You must fix your own group or client permissions first.


I don’t really understand what permissions you are referring to, I don’t know much about permissions and I have rarely touched it in depth and done things that require a lot of modification. My idea is to make some groups of channels so that people can manage a number of private rooms and only have permissions in those rooms where I give the channel group and there is a permission that is to join, which can join without restrictions even if you have password, more power and so on (which I have already configured) another channel permission that is like the owner which can do more things (which I also have ready) and finally the one that is giving me problems that is like a kind of moderator (or co-owner) which can only create subchannels in your private channel and temporary type and move members. Then the channel group that these users have would be the normal one, the one that comes in ts.

Your OWN i_permission_modify_power is to low or you got no GRANT set on your OWN b_channel_create_child permission.

With OWN I mean the permissions YOU currently got.

Without this being fixed you set not permissions.

Give channel group following permissions

i_channel_join_power of 75

i_channel_min_depth (disabled)
i_channel_max_depth (1 or more)

This is a bad idea. You should add this permissions to Channel Admin group and not the Default channel group or they will be able to do anything everywhere!! And users should create the channel themself. So they get Chanel Admin and nothing else need to be done.

For co-admin just copy your Server Admin group and remove all critical permissions.

  • Remove their i_permission_modify_power or else they can modify permissions
  • Lower their i_group_member_add_power to 50

Perfect. Thank you very much.