Channel specific for each user

Hi, is there a way to setup channels for each user?


Welcome channel - User joins TS server and is muted

Foo’s channel - Only user Foo can join/edit/move users to this channel or server admin (me in this case)
Bar’s channel - Only user Bar can join/edit/move users to this channel or server admin (me in this case)

Like channel admin, and I would also set moderadors for the channel which can join/move users to the channel.

I don’t know if it makes sense, but I would like to discuss this if possible.


Currently, there are no permission settings in TS5. I have what you are describing on my ts3 server. Basically what you do is set the individual’s powers higher in than the minimum in that particular channel.

Thank you for your reply!

Yes, my TS server is TS3, can you clarify please?

I thought it was possible to create a channel group Foo and members of channel group Foo could join Foo’s channel, but from what I’ve tried, it isn’t.

I’m guessing you mean “Needed Common Powers”, which has Join, Subscribe, Show description, Modify and Delete. So I have to give Foo user a power like 10, then I would set 10 to Join/Subscribe/Modify, something like this?!

Then for Bar user, power 11 and so on…

I have a problem though: I didn’t find a way to see the power as numbers in TS3 Client. As you can see I’m pretty newbie with all this

But this won’t work.

If you set some channel to need at least join power of 10, and then set some other channel to eg. 15, then person that can join channel #15, would be able to join channel #10 with ease.

One way would be to create channels with passwords so that only channel admin/certain users know that password (prefferably create channel with eg. password ‘1234’ and then ask ”Channel Owner” to change it afterwards).

I agree, but I would really like to avoid doing this based on channel password, there must be a way to do this using server group/channel group, no?

Sadly, no. I believe it’s possible with bots, but I’m not 100% sure.

Thank you, I hope you are wrong, but likely not… it is frustrating to not do this the way I like :frowning:

Is it possible to make something like you said but with permanent channels?

Here is what you do.

Create New permeant channel.
Set join power to your minimum desired level (I set 75 Only Admins and Selected Members)
Make Sure you are using “advanced permission system”.

  • Options (Alt + P)
  • Application
  • Under “Misc” Check box “Advance Permission System”

Open “channel group permissions” (ctrl+f4)
Right Click on “Channel Admin” and click copy
Create New Channel Group (I named mine “Channel Owners”)
Now Select the newly created group on the left. on the right had plain continue
Navigate to



Channel Join Power

Set level to one point above minimum you set in step 2

Next set the move power so channel owners can move



Client Move Power

Set 75

Next set Power to add members to group in that channel



Group member add power

Set to level 50

Now, Right click on the user who will “own” the channel, and select “set channel group” then select your new group. You’re all set

There are more steps and other security things to take into consideration. Like setting the Needed power to remove higher so Channel admins cannot remove channel owner power… but this should get you in the correct direction.

Thank you for your help! If I do a sketch of my channels and what I thought about it, would you guide me through?

I could Try… I sent you a PM

Sorry for my delayed reply, I’ve read your pm, I do know how to speak english but my speaking isn’t as good as my writing.

This is basically what my TS is:

Welcome Room (muted)




Practice Room

Person’s Rooms

TS Administration (label)
Meeting Room

And this is the groups I’ve thought to manage it:

Server admin (75)

Team group (60 perhaps?), so that who has this group assigned, it can join all the other rooms, but person’s group cannot join Teams rooms

Narrator/Commentator (30 perhaps?), they can’t join person’s rooms or team rooms

Lobby/Practice group (10 perhaps?), they can only join lobbies or practice room

Person’s group (50 perhaps?), can join any room except team rooms

A question: can you think of a way of not giving too much power to narrator/commentator group, yet protecting them from people with “person’s group” assigned joining their rooms while in transmissions?

Thank you very much for your help!

Do your narrators change? or are they routinely a single person?
If you don’t want “person’s” to join the Narrator Room, Set the needed join power to 75.
Admin moves the Narrator into the channel, Right click on user and click “channel client permission” find “join power” and set to 75. Now this user will have private joining power to that channel.

Or you can do this via the group method I suggested before. by setting the “channel group permission”

You can also set Voice power for the channel, so no one but the mod can speak in the channel

They are routinely a single person, it is actually 2 narrator/commentator rooms, but I would like to make them not dependent of someone moving them there. I guess I will have to accept and likely punish if someone join narrator/commentator room during a transmission…

You would only have to move them one time. Once you set the permission, they are free to move about.

You could also do it manually if you have their unique ID

I think I don’t understand when to use channel group or server group. Giving the sketch of my TS, what would you do? I mean, a complete summary

TeamSpeak should add a possibility to restrict the usage of a channel based on a Servergroup so you can have the same level of rights but can only join the channel you are able to. The other way is to use a password.

The problem with password is that if you have multiple rooms with same group, a password wouldn’t matter :frowning:

So, anyone up to help me with a summary of what I have to do giving the structure of my TS server? I’m lost and really want to finish this up, thank you all of you!