Chat Bug / needed update

Hi everyone,
i just found out that the TS5 Client got some problems with the chat.
The Orange User shares a link with a ‘)’ at the end. And somehow the Link gets messed up.
The Yellow User (in this case me) shares a link and there are no [URL] … [URL] marks around it.
Every message in chat that is not from me gets those URL marks and the start and the end.

Furthermore its highly questionable why the chat is organized like this:
unknown (1)
The first message from the Orange User gets right behind his name. The second one gets dropped down and moved correctly to the left.
If the User name is long you can push the first message all over your monitors. Why doesnt the link always start in the next line and the name only appears on top of it?

Have a good week!

In case this got posted anywhere and I have somehow missed it Im sowwy

Both points are no bug and by design.

This is how the TS3 client did send URLs. But TS3 did automatically hide it. We are aware of this but won’t change anything for TS5 here. When TS3 and TS5 people come together there will always be a difference.

That’s what compact chat is for. Use less space for everything.
The Detailed chat does the opposite. It takes the space it needs.

The second message is on the left because we do not repeat the username who send messages as long no one else did send another one.


It’s on purpose that the TS3 -> TS5 chat destroys links? Just because you want to show that there is a clear difference between TS3 and TS5.

It does not destroy anything.
TS3 sends BBCode around the URL. else it would not show as a link in TS3.

TS5 does use Markdown there and does not apply and supports BBcode in chat .
This is why BBcode is shown for URLs.

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