Chat Edits & Logging

In this BETA client, I made a typo in the Beta Test server. I right-clicked my text, expecting to edit what I wrote to make a correction, but could not. I suggest, like Discord, the ability to update/edit your written text.

For logging chats, if somebody is saying something malicious and editing to hide what was written, I suggest the chat logs read edits like:

(Original) 17:23:21:Username:MessageID:Edit-0:“poopoo butt head!”
(Edited message) 17:23:27:Username:MessageID:Edit-1:“i like birds”

idk, just an idea if this edit feature wasn’t added because of a logging issue.

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I don’t know so far, but i think there was an edit function before the new Chat system was implemented.

But thanks for pushing this Idea here, I hope it’s getting implemented soon.

At this time you can delete your message and resend it.

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