Chat integration into Rocketchat instance

Hi Teamspeak DEVS!

I was wondering if there would be an interest to integrate teamspeak internal chat with Rocketchat - free online chat. Thing is that not every time user has access to the teamspeak interface and wants to interact with others. So he would do so via Rocketchat…

What I have in mind is to create a 2-way sync plugin between teamspeak and rocketchat. For this to work also Teamspeak identity needs to be integrated with Rocketchat…

Releasing this would help every community to stay in touch and interact more with each other.

What are your thoughts? Here to help!
Thank you, Michal


Well… Expected at least some reactions…

I don’t have any expierence whatsoever writing plugins for teamspeak but my approach to syncing teamspeak chat with anything really is to use serverquery with event notification and setting the nickname of the query according to the nickname of the sender when writing to teamspeak

Not a bad idea… @TS.ChrisR :thinking: :eyes:

I think this post goes to the wishlist