Chatting via TeamSpeak 5 server though server timeout

I had a random timeout from all connected servers today. When I tried to connect to it again, I only got a loading symbol permanently. However, as my chats were still open on the left under the respective servers, I was still able to receive and write messages there. However, according to other users, my client was not on the server and was still only trying to connect, as you can see from the loading symbol. The chats also had the icons that normally appear when someone is offline.

But it was only possible on the TS5 server, on TS3 servers there is also the no reception icon and no messages were sent.

My client log only shows that I have timed out:

[2022-06-14 17:11:15.795] [info] Dropping client 10058 because of ping timeout 19 0 0
[2022-06-14 17:11:15.797] [warning] Got command data while disconnected, dropping
[2022-06-14 17:11:15.797] [info] Dropping client 11199 because of ping timeout 19 0 0
[2022-06-14 17:11:15.798] [warning] Got command data while disconnected, dropping
[2022-06-14 17:11:15.799] [info] Dropping client 2436 because of ping timeout 19 0 0
[2022-06-14 17:11:15.802] [warning] Got command data while disconnected, dropping

Also my TSChat log shows nothing strange except that my written messages are not in the log during the timeout. The messages I received are already in the log.

[2022-06-14 17:33:24.867] [debug] [process_single.go:29:processRoomMessage] Process message event, id=$fTa280b2zU3yY76SQ3PCt2gmYXTw1gKE4tpoKKVLBxU, ts=1655220797673, crypto=<nil>
[2022-06-14 17:33:24.867] [debug] [process_single.go:114:processMessageEvent] Processing $fTa280b2zU3yY76SQ3PCt2gmYXTw1gKE4tpoKKVLBxU: ich mein das ernst kollege%!(EXTRA types.Unsigned={586   map[]  <nil> <nil>})
[2022-06-14 17:33:24.867] [debug] [process_single.go:116:processMessageEvent] Unsigned {"age":586,"transaction_id":"","replaces_state":"","prev_content":null}
[2022-06-14 17:33:25.376] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s44076_190895_3718_269_54327_1_1_11186_1
[2022-06-14 17:33:40.309] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s627686_220301271_72243_553197_531957_1_3498424_5246427_1
[2022-06-14 17:33:41.026] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s627686_220301320_72243_553197_531958_1_3498424_5246436_1
[2022-06-14 17:33:42.068] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s627686_220302579_72243_553197_531958_1_3498424_5246436_1
[2022-06-14 17:33:42.770] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s627687_220302770_72243_553197_531959_1_3498424_5246436_1
[2022-06-14 17:33:45.940] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s44076_190895_3718_269_54327_1_1_11186_1
[2022-06-14 17:33:49.939] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s627687_220302776_72243_553197_531959_1_3498424_5246438_1
[2022-06-14 17:33:53.426] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s627687_220302779_72243_553197_531959_1_3498424_5246442_1
[2022-06-14 17:33:56.188] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s44076_190895_3719_269_54327_1_1_11186_1
[2022-06-14 17:34:02.839] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s44077_190895_3720_269_54328_1_1_11186_1
[2022-06-14 17:34:02.872] [debug] [process_single.go:29:processRoomMessage] Process message event, id=$KEEaDk_iLcQifadhsr6us-yJp2hWPwLULD1oY4kyKFY, ts=1655220835631, crypto=<nil>
[2022-06-14 17:34:02.873] [debug] [process_single.go:114:processMessageEvent] Processing $KEEaDk_iLcQifadhsr6us-yJp2hWPwLULD1oY4kyKFY: und btw wie zum teufel kannst du mir schreiben%!(EXTRA types.Unsigned={633   map[]  <nil> <nil>})
[2022-06-14 17:34:02.873] [debug] [process_single.go:116:processMessageEvent] Unsigned {"age":633,"transaction_id":"","replaces_state":"","prev_content":null}
[2022-06-14 17:34:03.385] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing... nextBatch=s44078_190895_3720_269_54329_1_1_11186_1
[2022-06-14 17:34:14.100] [debug] [client.go:1535:doSync] Syncing...

In Addition: There is nothing in the TSChat error file.

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I can confirm :rofl: :+1:

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I don’t know if it’s similar. In my opinion, there is far too much blocking in the frontend in the client. It can sometimes happen that certain functions are not executed by a holding thread. Had this at that time often with chats and especially with the Powersafe bug. I was still able to write and speak even though half the UI signaled an offline to me.

Let’s keep watching, if it was the beta server, which recently also made such faxes with me.

So i can confirm it a bit too.

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