Claim Blacklisted Server Nickname

I am familiar with how server nicknames work (use them for my servers), but there is a particular nickname I want but it is taken. Obviously I am not entitled to someone else’s claimed nickname but the particular server that currently “owns” the nickname is blacklisted. To my knowledge this means they were doing something naughty like using an unofficial license key so the server can no longer be accessed by clients.

Should I contact sales or someone else to see if that nickname can be “freed up” since the server that currently has it is (to my knowledge permanently) inoperable? I know that inactive nicknames are cleared if unused for 30 days but the particular server has been blacklisted for a while and the nickname is still reserved by them.

Our Team does not move names to anther account as long there is no other person/company that really owns it (as a registered trademark as an example) and can prove it.

Blacklisting is not related to this topic.

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