Clear cache


runnung Version: 5.0.0-beta74. Where can i find to clear the cache for the client??
If not in the menu then im interested of the path.


There is currently no option to clear them trough the client but here’s the path

Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\TeamSpeak\Cache\Default

Linux: ~/.cache/TeamSpeak/Default

MacOS: ~/Library/Caches/TeamSpeak

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Sorry my fail. Im running MacOS :frowning:

I updated my previous post.

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We are talking about the hole Cache_data map in ~/Library/Caches/TeamSpeak/Default/Cache/ ??

I don’t know how it is on Mac but on Windows the cache folder contains sub folders for different parts of the Client. For example the Attachments for attachments sent in the global chat. It it different on mac? Maybe attach a screenshot of that folder.

What are you deleting under Windows?

That depends on what exactly you want to delete from the Cache. Most of these files should be used by Chromium. But my question is what and why do you want to delete the Cache?

My Cache folder also contains an attachments folder, which stores the images sent on TeamSpeak 5 Servers, so the folder only exists if you have received an attachment on a TeamSpeak 5 Server

Just to detect issues like icon issues or something like that. If the server should running in to a issue. On TS3 i always have the cache enabled.
But it´s ok will try and see what i can delete without issues for the client :yum:

The second entry on your screenshot is a server. Server icons are stored in these folders. (Each Server always has a long ID in the cache folder)

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Thanks for info and the hint