Client resets audio settings

Win 10 Pro, 10.0.19042
TS Version:
Build Number:
Self hosted TS Server Version 3.13.3, Ubuntu

What happened:
It happened two times to myself and two times to a friend of mine, the settings for Voice Activity Detection changed from “Volume Gate” to “Automatic” overnight. Can’t remember if any other Settings are affected as well. It may have to do with Windows updates because after the last windows update it happened again, not sure if the other times occured after an update.

This happens when an update (Windows or driver) gives the audio device another Device ID on your system.
Same happens when you got a USB headset/soundcard and change the USB slot.

We use the Device ID and store settings for each device. A new device ID means a new setting.
For the moment this is intended. Maybe this will change in future.


Make sense. :grin:

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