Cloning server groups/channel groups! (TS5)

In TS3, the function of copying “roles” was implemented. TS5 does not have this feature. (or it is heavily hidden)
It would be more convenient to clone server groups directly in the user profile! And not just in the settings.

In addition, the configured role of “moderator” is initially missing. There are only “server admin” and “normal”.
It would save a lot of time!

On my own, I would add time icons. Automatically showing how many years a person has been on the server! For example; 1 year, 5 years. With a separate customization. Now most admins create these icons manually from “server groups”.

Channel groups can also be updated. Add customizable automation of ranks and ranks!

Thank you in advance!)

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That’s indeed a useful function.

Well, if there should be a preconfigured moderator server group, it is difficult to determine which permissions a “moderator” has now.

It’s useless in my eyes. After all, the icon would be bound to the UID on the one hand, and on the other hand I don’t understand what the icon brings me in return. If I want to see how long someone is on the server, I click on the person in the severtree.

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