Closed Beta

Been on the waiting list for literally years now…

I’ve kept up with all the updates and changes to the ‘beta program’ or whatever…

These “Big Waves!” are annoying when you’ve been waiting years and still have no access >.>

Is my account on some sort of “Black list”???
Should I make a new account and wait another 2 years? xD

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Sorry to hear, that you are not in the current beta. TeamSpeak is working hard, and i guess they will do their best for us. I think you are not blacklisted so far. When was your registration?

like 2018 or 2019
Was originally waiting on the beta key email

I agree, I know they are working hard.

It’s just frustrating >_> lol

Teamspeak will not send keys anymore. I think you must sign up again.

For all Details, please take have a Look here:

again i’ve kept up with all the “Beta Program” changes.

I’ve been watching that forum daily.
And hence seeing the “Big wave!!” every couple of days is annoying af xD
What do they have a 10 year backlog of users to onboard??

Before that, it was here.

I’m in the same boat. Been using TS since mid 2000s, and I want to move my group of 4-5 buddies off of Discord because of how badly I dislike it. It’s just so much more convenient for everyone than TS3 is. Hoping we all get TS5 keys sooner rather than later.

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