CloudFlare DNS Settings

Hello folks,

I have a question: After our Teamspeak was constantly being attacked, I decided to interpose Cloudflare. However, I have 2 questions:

What should the settings look like and how long does the change take?

I saw that I have to change the name server entries. However, I would like to keep downtime to a minimum. Can I leave my old nameservers in for 24 hours to make sure Teamspeak can still be reached, or is that not a good idea?

So I mean save the Cloudflare NS record, wait 24 hours and then delete my original nameserver records?

Thanks for your help, I’m really desperate at the moment :frowning:


The very first thing I would look at is how Cloudflare DDOS Protection works

I have put a useful guide down here, which might help you with your problem.
Here you can read how to set a DNS A record for your TeamSpeak server.

Just a little comment on that, Cloudflare does NOT protect your UPD traffic (ts3 voice uses upd). Users that join your ts3 server will still be able to see your original IP address!!! If you want DDOS Protection / IP Masking you have to use a dedicated service for that (Gcore provides such a service), they will proxy your upd/TCP traffic and mask your IP address but this will add latency

I am encountering an issue related to DNS while using a VPN. Some domains such as structural engineering in inner west Sydney, are not functioning as expected. Could you please provide guidance on how to resolve this? Additionally, I would appreciate it if you could confirm whether this is indeed a DNS-related problem or not.