Co-admins cannot assign groups

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I have created a co-admin group and various other groups and they can do anything I want so far.
There’s just one problem that I can’t understand.

The co-admins cannot assign certain groups in various channels. However, if the co-admins then move the user to another channel, they can then assign the user rights as they should.

Why can it be that the co-admins can only assign the groups in certain channels.



ich habe eine Co-Admin-Gruppe und diverse andere Gruppen erstellt und diese können auch soweit alles, was ich möchte.
Es gibt nur ein Problem, was ich nicht nachvollziehen kann.

Die Co-Admins, können in diversen Channels bestimmte Gruppen nicht zuweisen. Ziehen die Co-Admins dann aber den Nutzer in ein anderen Channel, können sie dem User dann die Rechte zuweisen, so wie sie es sollten.

Woran kann das liegen, dass die Co-Admins nur in bestimmten Channels die Gruppen zuweisen können.


Enable permission b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions in your server group or Enable Skip on permissions and channel group and channel permission are skipped.

Du musst b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions in der Gruppe aktivieren oder aktiviere den Skip Knopf bei dem Recht, sodass die Channel Gruppe überschrieben wird.


Then each co-admin can also assign groups that he should not assign. So also the co-admin himself. But the co-admin shouldn’t.

Then the groups are wrongly configured.

i_group_member_add_power → This is the permission that sets the level that you can assign
i_group_member_remove_power → This is the permission that sets the level that you can remove

(These permissions need to be adjusted in your case → Depending which group the Co-Admin should not assign you need to higher the member add and or remove power to be higher than the power the person has to add a group)
i_group_needed_member_add_power → This is the permission that sets the level that you need to assign the group
i_group_needed_member_remove_power → This is the permission that sets the level that you need to remove the group

Was that clearly enough explained?

The group rights are set correctly.

i_group_member_add_power: 67
i_group_member_remove_power: 67

i_group_needed_member_add_power: 67
i_group_needed_member_remove_power: 67

It’s up to the channel groups. These are preferred. Can you change that?
So the channel admin has…
i_group_member_add_power: 60

If I change that to 67, it works.
So how to change that so the channel admin doesn’t block the other rights?

As written before you need to enable skip on the group or their permissions.


Big sry, now I understand the system.
big thx!!!