Compatiblity with FancyZones

FancyZones, part of Microsoft PowerToys for Windows 10, offers advanced features to set window positions (e. g. hold shift and put a window in a custom grid). This positioning does not work with TS3 (program is not launched with elevated priviligues). Is there a workaround? If not, treat this as a bug report :slight_smile:
Kind regards, ldlx

I don’t know FancyZones, but if you are saying:

Then why you don’t just exec it as admin?
Did you already try it?

My Windows session, all programs including TS3 and also FancyZones are all NOT launched with elevated priviligues. Every other window is handled properly by FancyZones, but just TS3 is not.
I just gave the extra information about elevation as it is a common problem, that windows that are launched elevated can not be handled by unelevated FancyZones, but this is NOT the cause of my issue.