Compiling into ts3_style

Hi everyone, i am new in making teamspeak themes, i just wanna know how can i copile my folder into a ts3_style. Any tips?:slight_smile:

The following must be in your zip file:

Style folder:

  • This includes all style files (.qss file and folder for your tpl and png’s)


  • Contents of the file:

Name = YourTemplateName
Type = Style
Version = 1.0
Platforms = win32, win64, linux_x86, linux_amd64, mac
Description = “ANY DESCRIPTION”

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thank you for you fast reply. I have both. After that i zip it and i renameit with ts3_style instead of .zip no ?

I think you must rename the .zip :slight_smile: Try it

i did that and it says that “Failed to extract Add-On:” and that it failed to extract the package.ini

Well, when I had fun with themes, I never had to compress anything into .zip. I just put every .qss file and folders (with additional files) named the same as these into themes folder.

But I used someone’s theme as a template, so yeah :smiley:

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Make sure that the folder structure is correct.

├ package.ini
└ styles
  ├ *.qss
  └ MyStyleName [folder]
    ├ [potential sub folders]
    └ *.tpl