Complaints possible despite hospitality rights

Hello dear community. i have a problem with which i need your help. Briefly about the configuration of the server: In principle, guests are not allowed to submit complaints against other users. This is only possible from a certain rank that is assigned manually by us. The group rights are also set so that only complaints from users in the group that is the same or higher can be submitted.

Now yesterday there were jokers on the server (guests) where users were banned because they had “too many complaints”. The entry came from “Server”.

What has happened there? How can I prevent this in the future? or did I miss something in my configuration? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Do you mean you want to prevent people from being banned from the server because of multiple complaints?

For this you would have to set the value to 0 in your server settings -> Misc -> Complain -> Autoban Count.

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Hello, actually not, because as written, only higher or equal groups have the right to complain, but definitely not the guests.

Usually, whoever submitted the complaint is also stored in the log. Unfortunately there was no entry at all, but the direct message from the server: too many complaints. I am surprised.

What possibilities would a guest have to initiate something like this? I am of the opinion that my server and the associated groups are configured correctly.

So there are for complaints on the one hand the permissions of the client in the rights system. You mean that you have configured them correctly, so the guest has the value 0 for the right i_client_complain_power.

However, there are still the settings on the server for the automatic ban of a client as soon as it has reached a maximum of complaints.

The Autoban Count value must be set to 0 to avoid being banned if a certain maximum number of complaints are filed against a client.
The complaints will still be entered in the complaints list.

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That’s exactly how I want it to be, the limit is 5 complaints within 60 days then there is a ban of 1 day.

But yesterday was banned from the “server” for no reason only with the note “too many complaints”. This morning I deleted the 10 users who were affected from the ban list.

I’m only interested in how it is possible that the server bans for no reason.

There is always a reason. The server does not ban without any user interaction.


What do you mean by banned for no reason? The ban reason is that the client got too many incoming complaints.

The complaints can be submitted only by other clients.

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But that is exactly my problem, which is why I am turning to you. However, I have now not checked the server log, only the entries in the ban list with Yatqa.

Since I have now deleted the banned entries, it is probably difficult to keep track of exactly what happened there.

I have now scoured all logs with yatqa and found useful (hopefully) information:

2021-02-22 13:12:59.447528|INFO    |VirtualServerBase|1  |client disconnected 'xxxxx'(id:20624) reason 'invokerid=0 invokername=Server reasonmsg=You received too many complaints bantime=86400'

2021-02-22 13:12:59.447371|INFO |VirtualServer |1 |ban added reason=‘You received too many complaints’ ip=‘xxxxxxxxxxxx’ bantime=86400 by client ‘server’(id:0)
2021-02-22 13:12:59.444566|INFO |VirtualServer |1 |ban added reason=‘You received too many complaints’ mytsid=‘xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ bantime=86400 by client ‘server’(id:0)
2021-02-22 13:12:59.441712|INFO |VirtualServer |1 |ban added reason=‘You received too many complaints’ cluid=‘xxxxxxxxxxx=’ bantime=86400 by client ‘server’(id:0)
2021-02-22 13:12:56.058127|INFO |VirtualServerBase|1 |client disconnected ‘xxxxxx’(id:21140) reason ‘invokerid=0 invokername=Server reasonmsg=You received too many complaints bantime=86400’

At this point, 10 new guests were logged in. I hope now my problem can somehow be understood.

thanks in advance