Configuration issue

After connecting a server I get the following error message:
TeamSpeak 3 cannot write to the configuration file
This is the first time I get this message, before that it just simply crashed.
Any hints? Thanks!


Start TeamSpeak 3 as administrator and check that your folder is not read-only.


Your Windows user got no permissions to write into the settings.db.
And this is required or else you can not save any setting into settings.db.

To fix this you must ensure that your Windows user has access to the folder and write permissions on the settings.db

Note: This has nothing to do with any server.


Thank you for your response!!! We didn’t even found the file or folder linked…


Just open Windows key + r and type C:\Users\Dell\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\

In that case there are no permissions to create the folder at all. This would trigger the same error.
Double check if path exists.

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No, the path does not exist. System administrator rights are given…

Of course the path doesn’t exit since your user most likely has a different name than OLFMSQL path.

Navigate to:


The settings.db is located inside.

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The path from him is in the Screenshot.
(if this is the case)

The path in the screenshot does not exist… There is no Appdata folder created.

That’s weird and probably means it didn’t create the folder at the installation process.
Make sure to reinstall the TeamSpeak 3 client with administrator privileges.
At the installation process do NOT choose to save your TeamSpeak settings in the installation directory.

That should fix the issue.

You can only navigate the appdata folder if show hidden files/folders in Windows is enabled.
By default the directory is hidden.
But as I mentioned you can navigate to it by opening the file browser pasting %appdata% into the URL.

The path is now OK, the files are at the right place but the application still crashes…

Could you upload a crashdump file pls?

I can’t load the file here - which part would you like me to copy-paste or printscreen in?

Anything else we can do?

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